Supply Chain Digitalisation Summit Agenda

Two weeks before the conference, all delegates are asked to submit questions to our speakers in advance – enabling them to provide insight on the specific issues and examples the audience faces. Supply Chain Digitalisation Summit 2020 mirrors the format of our established and successful face-to-face conference, featuring a combination of Plenary and Discussion Room sessions.


Our Plenary sessions bring together all attendees in a single virtual room – concentrating the event’s focus on a series of high-profile content sessions. These content sessions include presentations from our keynote speakers, short & snappy “Five-Minute Ideas”, as well as expertly moderated panel discussions. Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

Discussion Rooms

Periodically during the conference the audience will split into three Discussion Rooms, for a 40-minute interactive Q&A, hosted by a leading manufacturer and a technology experts. Each Discussion Room is dedicated to a specific, and you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you. In each session, you’ll hear insights from both of your co-hosts before an extended, moderated Q&A using questions submitted in advance, and live on the day. Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

All session details:

10.30 Log on and Chair’s welcome

10:40 Keynote: Unlocking the value of digital transformation within the supply chain environment

10.55 Keynote: Disrupt, be disrupted or innovate? Using your supply chain ecosystem to turn threats such as a pandemic into opportunities

11.10 5-Minute Idea: Top line growth through supply chain digitalisation: industry 4.0 insights

11.15 Q&A with audience/moderator

11.30 Morning break

11.45 Discussion rooms session 1

Supply Chain Agility

Performance Management

Warehouse Automation

12.30 Lunch

13.00 Discussion rooms session 2

Data Driven Supply Chains

Capacity Planning

Procurement 4.0

13.45 Buffer

13.50 Keynote: The pros and cons of implementing a fully digitalised end to end supply chain

14.05 5-Minute Idea: How blockchain will transform the supply chain

14.10 Q&A from audience/moderator

14.15 Discussion room session 3

Supply Chain as a Service

Automation & Robotics


15.00 Buffer

15.05 Panel Discussion: How do you expect the supply chain to evolve in the coming years? What’s driving that change?

15.35 Chair’s Close with Discussion Room Feedback and Takeaways

15.45 Event close