Supply Chain Digitalisation Summit Agenda

Two weeks before the conference, all delegates are asked to submit questions to our speakers in advance – enabling them to provide insight on the specific issues and examples the audience faces. Supply Chain Digitalisation Summit 2020 mirrors the format of our established and successful face-to-face conference, featuring a combination of Plenary and Discussion Room sessions.


Our Plenary sessions bring together all attendees in a single virtual room – concentrating the event’s focus on a series of high-profile content sessions. These content sessions include presentations from our keynote speakers, short & snappy “Five-Minute Ideas”, as well as expertly moderated panel discussions. Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

Discussion Rooms

Periodically during the conference the audience will split into three Discussion Rooms, for a 40-minute interactive Q&A, hosted by a leading manufacturer and a technology experts. Each Discussion Room is dedicated to a specific, and you can choose the ones that are most relevant to you. In each session, you’ll hear insights from both of your co-hosts before an extended, moderated Q&A using questions submitted in advance, and live on the day. Each Plenary session will be accompanied by Q&A from the audience, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

All session details:

10.30 Log on and Chair’s welcome

10:40 Keynote: Digitalisation of Global Supply Chains: Navigating the Transformation

Digitalisation is increasingly transforming global supply chains. For the last four years, the Institute for Manufacturing has been exploring strategy tools that can help guide firms through the transformation, built upon research and tested in collaboration with leading companies. These tools are helping companies take an end-to-end perspective of the supply chain and identify and overcome barriers to digitalisation, covering inbound supply, internal manufacturing operations and downstream customers. Paul will outline a selection of these tools and share lessons from his experience applying these tools with global manufacturers.

Paul Christodoulou, Industrial Associate, Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge

10.55 Keynote: Disrupt, be disrupted or innovate? Using your supply chain ecosystem to turn threats such as a pandemic into opportunities

11.10 5-Minute Idea: Top line growth through supply chain digitalisation: industry 4.0 insights

11.30 Morning break

11.45 Discussion rooms session 1

Supply Chain Agility

Discussion Leader:

Senthil Sadasivam, Global Lead for Supplier Qualification and HSE, Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Performance Management

Discussion Leader:

Hichem Tlemsani, IBP Business Architect, Ball Corporation

Warehouse Automation

Discussion Leader:

Joe Gregson, Project Leader Systems & Infrastructure, Submarine Supply Chain, BAE Systems

12.30 Lunch

13.00 Discussion rooms session 2

Data Driven Supply Chains

Capacity Planning

Procurement 4.0

13.45 Buffer

13.50 Keynote: The pros and cons of implementing a fully digitalised end to end supply chain

14.05 5-Minute Idea: How blockchain will transform the supply chain

14.10 Q&A from audience/moderator

14.15 Discussion room session 3

Supply Chain as a Service

Automation & Robotics


15.00 Buffer

15.05 Panel Discussion: How do you expect the supply chain to evolve in the coming years? What’s driving that change?

15.35 Chair’s Close with Discussion Room Feedback and Takeaways

15.45 Event close