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The Manufacturer caught up with our expert supply chain leaders, to gain an insight into the critical challenges and opportunities they’re currently facing in their supply chain processes and management. Moreover, we learned the supply chain vulnerabilities that have emerged during the pandemic, and how this will impact the industry over the coming years.

In preparation for our upcoming Supply Chain Summit (23 September), we’ve spoken to the industry’s top data experts – and compiled this must-have tip sheet.

What you will discover from the e-book:

  • The key challenges that you are currently facing with your supply chain processes and management
  • How the supply chain will evolve in the coming years, and what is driving that change
  • How technology disruptors such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain are transforming the supply chain
  • Discover what works well in their people department, how have companies reached that level
  • Delve deeper into the impact this has had on wider operations

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